De Landbouw

SINCE 1868
In the cold wind of Januari 2003, one would expext to find the familiar sight at the end of the Bezuidenhoutseweg; bar-restaurant De Landbouw, surrounded by old trees and a fresh green meadow.

Instead there was only a shabby ruin left, desolate and abandoned in a barren and ploughed plain of sand and clay. A remaining of the (in)famous and dilapidated establishment that it used to be.


After years of surrounding by noisy bulldozers and trucks, the walls had bended, supporting beams had cracked and moisture and mold controled the weathered material.

Nothing of this dreary view could recall all the pleasures, the passions and the drama that thousands had shared here the last century.

The innocent spectator could not guess that there would be a complete new future for his half-perished construction. Nevertheless, within a few years there was a brandnew, accurate replica of the old traditional farmer's house. That means the start of a fresh company with a modern approach and a hale gear, but in the same tradition: an atmospheric ambiance.

nieuwe landbouw1

As well as our restaurant, there is a possibility for private celebrations. In addition, De Landbouw cares for all your festivities and parties; cataring as you wish.

Contact us for further information or give us a call: 070 – 511 89 65

We hope to see you soon!

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Monday 10:30-22:00
Tuesday 10:30-22:00
Wednesday 10:30-22:00
Thursday 10:30-22:00
Friday 10:30-22:00
Saturday 10:30-22:00
Sunday 10:30-22:00


Zijdeweg 58
2245 Wassenaar (NL)

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