De Voorspoed

> Honestly, among us said and kept quiet, a classic restaurant with a typical, what passive consumption of a 3-course menu, that captivates us. Hence, the prosperity a rather quirky, smoking case is where the two parts of the word "café-restaurant" equally emphatically.

To do this, we rely on the Spanish tapa-experience: the image of a quiet cosy room with the other hand, the income as contrast animo, the hustle and bustle of a long, wide bar with customers who tapas, Spanish wine, sherry or a refreshing glass of beer consume.

"Go On café" will get a whole new, fresh interpretation. This Spanish eetstijl, this fantastic interaction between the Hall, guests at the bar and the staff, that's where we warm to walk, that is where our passion.

All our dishes are unpretentious, timeless and uncomplicated. And for this choice we go looking for simple, but charming and tasty recipes from mainly the Southern French, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine, and a single Belgian favorite also.

So feel free to come along!

Opening times

Closed at the moment

Monday Closed
Tuesday 17:00-20:45
Wednesday 17:00-20:45
Thursday 17:00-20:45
Friday 12:00-21:45
Saturday 12:00-21:45
Sunday Closed


Mechelsesteenweg 13
2640 Mortsel (BE)

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