Burgerij Eilandje

Fastronomie, that's it. There is in the middle of the citizenry. It should go fast, because no one who is a citizen order, expect to have to wait 45 minutes. That's what we learned: If Quick and McDonalds food chains to link to fast. And so tired (s) t the citizenry are also somewhat re-educate customers, because here they serve ' but ' a citizen. A very tasty burger, though. ' If something is where we pretty sure, it is that no other burgerresto our flesh. Quality freaks we are, and so are good and honest products the base. ' Only the best is good enough – and always fresh. That should also if you want to be associated with gastronomy or gourmet.

Opening times

Closed at the moment

Monday 12:00-13:45, 17:30-21:15
Tuesday 12:00-13:45, 17:30-21:15
Wednesday 12:00-13:45, 17:30-21:15
Thursday 12:00-13:45, 17:30-21:15
Friday 12:00-13:45, 17:30-21:45
Saturday 12:00-21:45
Sunday 12:00-20:45


Sint-Laureiskaai 8
2000 Antwerpen (BE)

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