Our mission is to provide the best quality food with lip-smacking and mouth-watering taste, to create a relationship with our customers which can be nurtured and cherished over generations. We make sure that the authentic flavors of freshly ground herbs and spices are provided in your platter directly from North India. We make sure that every bite of the savoring food takes you back home and make you feel that you are in the land of spices, India. We don't use any artificial or harmful substitutes. All spices and ingredients are made from scratch by us. All the vegetables are produced locally to maintain fresh flavor and the meats we use are natural, hand-sliced. We believe in reaching people's heart through their stomachs and spreading smiles on their faces.


Hailed from the largest state of India, UP and got its exquisite taste from a state where people's utmost priority is food, Punjab.

As a perfect dish takes time and patience to make it lip-smacking and mouth-watering, So does the legacy of "Chawla's2" lead us back to 1960's to a small city in India, where the founder of Chawla's, Late S. Attar Singh Chawla was experimenting with his favorite recipe using freshly ground herbs and spices. Little did he know the dish he was experimenting with would turn out to be one of the most legendary and popular dishes and would be embarked on the pages of history for its taste, Chawla's CREAM CHICKEN. What makes it different from normal chicken dishes is that you can taste the roots of Punjab in it, due to the special herbs and spices which are patiently cooked in milk and cream.

Exquisite food and flavors don't know any boundaries which resulted in Chawals 2.0 (Chawla's2) introduce a whole new range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Chawla's has been serving a wide variety of mouth dwelling food for generations, marking their presence in all the major states and cities. It is one of the biggest food chains in India specializing in Indian cuisines which has been making high-stakes for their competitors and no one can acclaim the savoring and profound tastes like Chawla's. After making Indians gaga about its unmatchable taste, Chawla's is now defining the real taste of North Indian cuisine all over the world and letting know people the actual lip-smacking taste, until now Chawla's have made their existence sound in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and finally to Netherlands.

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